In Monet's Light: Theodore Robinson at Giverny

In Monet's Light: Theodore Robinson at Giverny

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Sona Johnston

Paperback, 224 p., 145 color illus.

Theodore Robinson was among a number of American painters who visited the hamlet of Giverny in the late 1880s and early 1890s, the exquisite region where Monet settled and developed his famous gardens. Robinson adopted Monet’s vibrant palette and fresh brushwork. He also pursued Monet’s rigorous practice of exploring subjects in series and, like his mentor, concentrated on recording aspects of the particular locale where he lived and worked. The book looks closely at American Impressionism through the lens of a single distinguished career and compares the American style to its French inspiration.

This book shows how Robinson’s close contact with Monet transformed his work, which had been firmly rooted in the American Realist tradition. The book demonstrates how Robinson absorbed and translated Monet’s working method, style, and subject matter, and how Robinson conveyed Impressionism to America. His individual accomplishments and his artistic exchange with Monet are examined by juxtaposing the American’s French works with a small number of carefully selected examples by Monet. It also draws on almost unique resources in the literature of American Impressionism—Robinson’s 1892 article on Monet and his unpublished letters and journal entries. These documents, which animate the artistic relationship between the two men, are utilized in the catalogue where the artists’ own words offer readers a striking sense of immediacy. This catalogue was published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Baltimore Museum of Art, October 17, 2004-January 9, 2005.

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